From conflict situations to creative solutions.

Getting YOU where YOU want to be.

Being a leader can be exhausting. 

Conflict situations, complex problems, and navigating your organization's culture can lead to feelings of fatigue, frustration, and anxiety.

But it doesn't have to be that way

Hello, my name is Jason Dykstra. I'm a mediator, coach, and teacher that speaks to groups across North America. For nearly a decade, I have been journeying alongside leaders as they look to manage conflict, build leadership and develop their craft. 

Here are four ways that I journey alongside leaders...

Jason Dykstra


Get unstuck in those relationships that need to be flourishing.


Build capacity in your conflict management and leadership skills.


Keynotes, workshops, and seminars that will stimulate your growth.

Business Growth

Grow your mediation and coaching business. Do more of what you love.

From my head to your inbox 

  • Consistently inconsistent emails
  • Actionable tools you can implement right away
  • Practicable ideas 
  • New ideas that might just improve your life

A podcast just for you!

The Thriving Leaders Podcast is a monthly show that talks to some of the most intriguing and brilliant leaders that exist in today's world.  

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